O.D.E. Orchestral Design & Ergonomics - ergonomic orchestral chairs for musicians

The O.D.E.- orchestral chairs are designed & built for continuous & demanding service.

The positive impact of the ergonomic O.D.E.-orchestral chairs reaches the entire organisation.

Ergonomic O.D.E. -orchestral chairs affect the whole organisation musicians, management and stage personell

The Musicians

  • Support from the fully adjustable musician’s chair helps effortlessly maintain a correct posture, preventing illnesses and aches
  • Enjoy easier and smoother rehearsals and performances as pains and injuries become absent 
  • Notice your sound improve with pain-free and smooth playing 

    The Management

    • Fewer absences due to sickness
    • Less stand-ins and fewer rehearsals
    • A better sounding orchestra for less expenditure

    The Stage personnel

    • Easier handling makes for easier work
    • Less carrying by using the O.D.E. Troll -trolley
    • Fewer work-related illnesses

    The O.D.E. ergonomic orchestral chairs

    The O.D.E. –line of orchestral chairs includes the correct chair for each member of the orchestra. Are you the violinist, harpist or cellist, the O.D.E. chairs chairs allow for relaxed seating without aches or stiffening muscles. The O.D.E. chairs are designed for professional use and are fully adjustable for each individual musician and instrument. The musician can set their full focus on playing and forget about pains and aches brought by demanding sitting positions.

    Our special chairs for bass players, percussionists and for the conductor complete the line of O.D.E. orchestral chairs. We have not forgotten the stage personnel either, in the overall design which also considers storage of the chairs. The O.D.E. –Troll trolley makes handling and storing the chairs easy. As you can see, the whole organisation benefits from the O.D.E.- orchestral products.

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    The O.D.E. Sound Shield+

    The Sound Shield has now two models, the basic and the + model. The + model has a rubber mat on the back to reduce reflecting sounds. The rubber mat does not hinder the view between the conductor and the musicians.

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    NEW O.D.E. Shield

    The new O.D.E. Shield protects the musician from loud sounds from behind. The 6 mm thick sound shield is made of clear polycarbonate not to hinder visibility. This product is a logical step in our mission to better the ergonomics and well being of musicians.

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    Getting better all the time

    The O.D.E. 1 chair is being developed all the time. New features at this time are hand friendly soft adjustment knobs, 100% recyclable fabric, minimized use of plastic and a crossbar to make stacking easier. The O.D.E. Troll can take a stack of 10 chairs. There is...

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    Our Customers:

    In Finland our chairs are used, among others, in the Sibelius House in Lahti, in the Tampere-talo in Tampere, in the Savonlinna Opera Festival, and in the Turku City Symphony Orchestra. Globally they are used by the Italian Radio Symphony Orchestra (RAI), Staatstheater Kassel in Germany and in the Auckland School of Music in New Zeeland, among others.