O.D.E. 1 - Ergonomic Orchestral chair
The most advanced ergonomic chair for musicians on the market
The O.D.E. 1-chair is designed for professional musicians. That is why you can hear the ease of sitting in the music. And the musician feels it in his back. Each musician can adjust this chair to their own specific requirements and to those of the instrument.
That is why the sitting is relaxed and without stiffening or growing numb. It is easy to fully concentrate on making music and to forget the difficulties of the demanding sitting position.

The O.D.E. 1 is the most advanced orchestral chair on the market. Beside the musician, the consept also considers the stage personnel. The products O.D.E. –products are made in Finland.

The O.D.E. –chair reduces work related illnesses and –absences. It reduces costs and promotes motivation. It can well be said that this chair can be heard!

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Features of the O.D.E. 1 ergonomic orchestral chair:

  • Sturdy construction
  • Each leg separately adjustable
  • The back rest has ample height and depth adjustment
  • Tiltable back-rest pad
  • The seat is straight and wide, allowing for sideways sitting
  • The fabric is non-skid
  • O.D.E. 1 is a posture chair
  • A personal usercard comes with every chair

€ 498,- / chair


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