New back rest improves accoustics

The O.D.E. 1 chair can now be ordered equipped with a new back rest. This together with a modified seat reduces the total weight of the chair by approx. 1,5 kg. The new soft back rest pad is made of 100% recycled pet felt, compressed to 8 mm. The color is...

The O.D.E. Sound Shield+

The Sound Shield has now two models, the basic and the + model. The + model has a rubber mat on the back to reduce reflecting sounds. The rubber mat does not hinder the view between the conductor and the musicians.

NEW O.D.E. Shield

The new O.D.E. Shield protects the musician from loud sounds from behind. The 6 mm thick sound shield is made of clear polycarbonate not to hinder visibility. This product is a logical step in our mission to better the ergonomics and well being of musicians.

Getting better all the time

The O.D.E. 1 chair is being developed all the time. New features at this time are hand friendly soft adjustment knobs, 100% recyclable fabric, minimized use of plastic and a crossbar to make stacking easier. The O.D.E. Troll can take a stack of 10 chairs. There is...


I use the O.D.E. 1 chair in my work at the Lahti Symphony Orchestra in the Lahti Sibelius Hall. I evaluate it good and functional due to its adjustment possibilities. Other members of the orchestra have also been happy with the chair. Everyone can adjust their chairs...