O.D.E. Orchestral Design & Ergonomics - ergonomic orchestral chairs for musicians

The O.D.E.- orchestral chairs are designed and made for continuous and demanding service.

The philosophy of the ergonomic O.D.E.-orchestral chairs and furniture affects the whole organisation.

Ergonomic O.D.E. -orchestral chairs affect the whole organisation musicians, management and stage personell

The Musicians

  • Holding a correct posture with the support provided by chair prevents illnesses and aches
  • Fewer absences due to illness and sores result in easier and smoother rehearsals and performances
  • Painless playing is smooth

The Management

  • Fewer absenses due to sickness
  • Less stand-ins, less rehearsals
  • A better orchestra for less expenditure

The Stage personnel

  • The work is easier due to easier handling
  • Less carrying by using the O.D.E. Troll trolley
  • Fewer work-related illnesses

The O.D.E. ergonomic orchestral chairs

The O.D.E. –line of orchestral chairs includes a correct chair for each member of the orchestra. The O.D.E. –orchestral chairs are designed for professional use. The O.D.E. –chair can be adjusted individually for each musician and instrument, allowing you to sit relaxed without aches and stiff muscles. The musician can focus fully on playing and forget pains and aches brought by demanding sitting positions.

Special chairs for bass players, percussionists and for the conductor complete the line. The overall design also considers stage personnel and storage of the chairs. The O.D.E. –Troll trolley makes handling and storing the chairs easy. The whole organisation benefits from the O.D.E.- orchestral product concept.

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Free O.D.E. Troll-trolley

All new orders received before end of September 2018 get a free O.D.E. Troll -trolley for every ten O.D.E. 1- chairs ordered to be delivered before end of year 2018...

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I use the O.D.E. 1 chair in my work at the Lahti Symphony Orchestra in the Lahti Sibelius Hall. I evaluate it good and functional due to its adjustment possibilities. Other members of the orchestra have also been happy with the chair. Everyone can adjust their chairs...

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Our Customers:

In Finland our chairs are used, among others, in the Sibelius House in Lahti, in the Tampere-talo in Tampere, in the Savonlinna Opera Festival, and in the Turku City Symphony Orchestra. Globally they are used by the Italian Radio Symphony Orchestra (RAI), Staatstheater Kassel in Germany and in the Auckland School of Music in New Zeeland, among others.